Gay Men Are Using These Techniques To Go From Chronically Single To #ProperlyPartnered, Breaking The Hookup Cycle For Good

Jul 11, 2023

Dr. Gregg A. Pizzi


Over 25 years' experience working as a psychologist with gay men, relationships, and sexual issues


I'm a Clinical & Forensic Psychologist who specializes in helping gay men. Years ago I chose to further my expertise by becoming an Imago Relationship Therapist and a Board-Certified Sex Therapist. Helping couples connect is now one of my favorite things about being a psychologist. ​


I've noticed how prevalent and pervasive loneliness has become in our community, and single gay guys tell me all the time they would like to find a stable partner who shares their values and goals, but can't seem to meet men who are available and serious about wanting a real relationship. Despite years of meeting guy after guy, numerous dates and hookups, and endless hours on the apps, so many gay men can't seem to break the cycle of chronic singlehood. I began to study the unconscious habits, behaviors and attitudes that keep us single and actually BLOCK us from true connection, without even realizing it. ​


I asked myself how I could help more gay men identify and eliminate their own chronically-single behaviors (CSBs) and find real love ❤️ and connection with the true, appropriate partner they deserve—that we all deserve. ​


As a gay man who has been on my own relationship journey, I've experienced it all. I've been single, partnered, married to a woman, separated, divorced—but mostly single—for years. However, I enjoyed and learned from each one of my relationship adventures and now I am happily married 💍 to the MAN OF MY DREAMS! 😍 It wasn't an easy road, however ... I now know that there were several key changes I needed to make in myself in order to allow the right man into my life and become #ProperlyPartnered. ​


I've compiled a plethora of clinical, scientific, and anecdotal knowledge about healthy, successful relationships and carefully and abundantly converted my findings into easy-to-understand, practical, real-life tools, intertwined with my own personal experiences and relationship success, so that more gay men can make the necessary changes in themselves that lead to love, companionship, and a true, proper partner. ​


Gay men of all ages are using my techniques to get off the merry-go-round 🎠 of meaningless dates and hookups, end the cycle of chronic singlehood, and become #ProperlyPartnered.




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💙  Find true love and the man of your dreams?


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